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Cranial Fixation System

Cranial Fixation System - VitalFix Kit

The Cranial Fixation System  VitalFix is a non sterile kit with a range of implants with titanium plates, mesh and screws.

Used to fix the cranial flap and is designed to offer neurosurgeons a range of implants with instruments.

The kit includes modular ancillaries with implants and instrumental to make easy the cranial fixation allowing a cost-saving, time-saving and easy handling.

✘ Plates (gold color) low profil with thickness 0,6 mm

✘ Titanium Mesh : flexible, semi-rigid and rigid range

✘ Self-tapping and Self-drilling Screws

✘ Self-tapping Emergency screws

✘ Product Color coding


Medical Device : Class III

Sterilization : Each implant (plates – screws and mesh) is non sterile.  We recommend a sterilization in autoclave (134°C – 18 minutes) in double paper field. 





Vitalys Surgical

Main benefits

✘ Making Vision Easy of all the implants

✘ Modular Trays

Easy handling of the trays

✘ Full range of implants

Easy to recognise of different Ø and screws lengths

✘ Implants stabilized in the storage trays once the kit is either opened or closed

Our Range :

* Other Mesh available on request : 100x100mm ; 150x150mm ; 200x200mm – thickness 0,6mm.


Non sterile Kit. In modular trays form.


Download the Commercial Documentation here VITALFIX EN
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