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Our Values & Missions


Training, field presence and customer relation client

We understand implication in our job as the ability to establish continual ties with our clients thanks to a high-quality service.

Thus, our sales force is made up of four sales agents who are spread over the whole of France, and who are experimented of the public hospital sector. Pierre-Yves Collerais manages the sales force on the ground whenever that is necessary.

The team at Head Office handle the entire logistics chain: traceability of the products, stock, delivery to the healthcare establishments in compliance with the contractual clauses defined by our customers. The Stock Management/Logistics and Order Picking unit optimizes the delivery times.

Our day-to-day business is, above all, to secure for our customers excellent command of their procurement, by being by their sides to ensure that they have the right stocks depending on the needs they have to meet, sometimes, and indeed increasingly often, urgently.

The stock is monitored and checked so as to avoid running out, which is of capital importance for the image of the company.

The entity also includes a France/Export Sales, Sales Administration and Marketing unit for processing and managing orders, invoicing, and preparing delivery notes. Speed and quality are the two watchwords of our orders manager, who monitors and tracks the orders for each establishment.

Furthermore, on-site training in using the medical devices, for the pharmacist, the theatre team, and the surgeons, is given direct, without any subcontracting. This makes it quite clear that we assume our responsibilities and liabilities at the practitioner’s side.

Finally, while we’re on the subject(!), an administrative and financial manager designs our bids for invitations to tender. An obvious choice, enabling our company to put in bids corresponding to the expectations of the hospital sector.


Conception, innovation, evolution and implication

Conception, innovation, evolution et implication stimulate us day-to-day Innovating is adapting, it´s evolving at the same rhythm as surgical techniques and material advances. We look for constant improvement and development.

Our mission is to become a trusted company thanks to the added value we provide being a specialized commercial enterprise for Neurosurgery medical devices.

One of the main keys that made our major strenght is our wish to perpetually increase our range of products and our distribution network. For this reason, international renowned manufacturers and distributors trust VITALYS SURGICAL for selling and distributing their products.

We are daily attentive to the sector’s needs and requirements, and motivated by the strong will to respond to our customer’s requests with quality and service and take part in their development.

Reliability, quality, reactivity, confidence, and professionalism define our services and customer relation. We respond to your needs, attending any urgency that may arise. We provide different communication channels and a personalized attention.


At all levels, VITALYS SURGICAL is by your side.

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