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Our Corporate Spirit


Located in Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine, French department No. 35), VITALYS SURGICAL SAS was born out of the ambition of its founder, Pierre-Yves Collerais, to enable the public and private hospital sectors to benefit from nearly three decades of operational achievement with top-fight laboratories.

The observation of surgical practices and techniques, how they are applied to the widest variety of pathologies, allowed him to forge a great and recognized experience alongside neurosurgeons and in the medical devices sector.

We cooperate and promote investigation of the R&D which design its products. In partnership with a design office specialized in medical devices, we adapting quickly enough in a sector such as the medical one that is in constant evolution. Witness our capacity to design, produce, and distribute in a certified environment a very high caliber Class IIa medical device and our lead product :

the auto-release cranial perforator.

A range that is 100% MADE IN FRANCE, single-use and that comes in 3 sizes to suit each morphology: Adult, Adolescent, and Paediatric. In addition, we distribute a range of sterile medical devices specialized in Neurosurgery available for French market only.

Our leitmotif is : conception, innovation, evolution and implication. We offer a great range that is in constant evolution in an effective and proactive way. We accompany and advise you by means of a sales team, made up of four agents over the whole of France who are experienced in the surgery sector, to answer to your technicals and specifics needs. We guide and train you in your choice of using the products.

It is our ambition to develop about ten products for Neurosurgery.

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